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Clan Crest
Crest Boar's head with a collar
Motto Veritas Vincit
Translation Truth Conquers All
Plant None (unofficially thistle)
Warcry "Gairloch" - the name of a place in the Scottish Highlands

Allison History, Family Crest & Coats of Arms

The name Allison comes from the medieval personal name "Ellis," which is derived from the Greek name "Elias." The clan's origins are believed to be in the Scottish Borders, near the town of Hawick, where the Allison family held lands and played a prominent role in local affairs.

During the Scottish Wars of Independence in the 13th and 14th centuries, the Allison family fought on the side of the Scottish crown, and several members of the clan were killed in battle. In the centuries that followed, the clan continued to be active in Scottish politics and society, with many members serving as lawyers, judges, and politicians.

One of the most famous members of Clan Allison was Sir Archibald Allison, a Scottish judge who served as a judge in the Court of Session, one of Scotland's most prestigious legal institutions. Sir Archibald was also a noted author and historian, and his books on Scottish history and culture are still widely read today.

The Clan Allison has several notable tartans, including the ancient Allison tartan, which features a pattern of green, blue, and black. The clan's motto is "Truth Conquers All," which reflects the clan's commitment to justice and honesty.

In terms of symbols, the Allison clan crest features a boar's head, which symbolizes bravery and ferocity. The clan's coat of arms features a shield with three silver stars on a blue background, which represents the night sky and the stars that guided the Allison family through difficult times.

Today, the Clan Allison is still active, with members all over the world. The clan has a strong sense of identity and continues to celebrate its history and heritage. The Allison family is still prominent in Scottish society, with many members continuing to serve as lawyers, judges, and politicians.

In conclusion, the Clan Allison is a fascinating and storied clan with a rich history that spans centuries. From their origins in the Scottish Borders to their involvement in significant historical events such as the Scottish Wars of Independence, the Allison family has played a significant role in Scottish society. Today, the clan continues to honor its heritage and celebrate its traditions, ensuring that the legacy of the Clan Allison will live on for generations to come.

Allison Tartans

There are several tartans associated with the Allison name, but the most commonly recognized is the Allison Modern tartan. This tartan features a predominantly red and black pattern, with thin yellow and white lines. The Allison Modern tartan was designed in the 1950s by D. W. Stewart, a well-known tartan designer, and is often worn by members of the Allison clan and those with the Allison surname.

Another tartan associated with the Allison name is the Allison Hunting tartan, which features a predominantly green and brown pattern with thin yellow and red lines. This tartan is often used for hunting and outdoor activities.

It's worth noting that while some tartans are specifically associated with certain clans or surnames, anyone can wear any tartan they like. There are also many tartans that are associated with regions, occupations, and other aspects of Scottish heritage.