Find Your Scottish Clan!
Find Your Scottish Clan!
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Clan Crest Cap Badges


Celtic Studio manufactures the highest-quality Clan badges in the world. Our badges are available in both pewter and sterling silver. In sterling silver every badge known is available. There are no limitations!  Each of these sterling silver badges in totally made by hand in our Studio.

Once we have made the sterling silver master design we then use this sterling silver master design to make our pewter casting moulds so the quality is exactly the same. Not all Clan badges are available in pewter. There are some Clan names that are so rare that producing these in pewter in the large volume required is not economically viable. If you can not find your Clan badge on our site please ask. You may be surprised to find that we do have your rare Clan name.

The cap or bonnet badge is the most ancient form of displaying your Clan affiliation. Ask us about yours.