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Find Your Scottish Clan!
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Penannular & Cloak Pin Brooches


Discover Timeless Elegance: Penannular & Cloak Pin Brooch Collection

A Perfect Blend of Historical Charm and Contemporary Fashion

Dive into our Penannular and Cloak Pin Brooches, where each piece is a harmonious blend of classic beauty and modern craftsmanship. Our Penannular Brooches, deeply rooted in rich Celtic history, are more than accessories. With their intricate designs and unique open sections, these circular brooches embody the enchantment of ancient traditions, transforming any outfit into a historical narrative.

In contrast, our Cloak Pin Brooches epitomize versatility and style. From lavishly vintage to modern minimalist designs, they are the ideal accessory for securing your cloak or adding an elegant touch to your attire. These brooches are versatile fashion statements, perfect for enhancing your look at a Renaissance fair or adding a sophisticated flair to daily wear.

Each brooch in our exclusive collection is meticulously crafted, balancing aesthetic appeal with durability and functionality. They are not just ornaments but timeless pieces that promise to uplift your wardrobe. Ideal for both collectors and style-savvy individuals, our Penannular and Cloak Pin Brooches bring a unique charm and character to your fashion ensemble.

Embark on a journey through our collection and discover the brooch that aligns with your style and spirit. Elevate your wardrobe with a piece that's not just jewellery, but a legacy of elegance and style.

Mastering the Art of Wearing Cloak Pins and Penannular Brooches


Step-by-Step Guide for Elegant Accessorizing

  1. Begin with Proper Placement: Elegantly drape your cloak or shawl over your shoulders. Ensure it's positioned comfortably and evenly for a symmetrical look.

  2. Identify the Ideal Fastening Spot: Choose the optimal fastening point on your garment, typically at the shoulder or chest level, for maximum impact and convenience.

  3. Using a Cloak Pin:

    • Skilful Insertion: Gently pierce your garment's fabric at the selected point with your cloak pin. For thicker materials, lightly gather the fabric for easier insertion.
    • Secure the Fastening: Push the pin through the fabric completely. If your cloak pin features a locking mechanism, engage it to ensure a secure hold.
  4. Fastening a Penannular Brooch:

    • Precise Positioning: Hold your penannular brooch with the pin upwards and align it over the desired section of your garment.
    • Piercing and Rotating Technique: Carefully pierce the fabric with the brooch pin, then smoothly rotate the brooch so that the pinpoints downward.
    • Securing with the Ring: Slide the ring down, allowing the pin to enter the brooch's open section, effectively securing the fabric between the ring and pin.
  5. Final Styling Touches: Adjust your garment and the placement of the pin or brooch to ensure a comfortable fit and a visually appealing presentation.