Anderson History, Family Crest & Coats of Arms

Coat of Arms
Anderson Coat of Arms
Clan Crest
Anderson Clan Crest
Crest A hand holding an oak tree branch, symbolises strength and resilience
Motto "Stand Sure," represents the clan's steadfastness and determination
Translation "Stabilis," meaning "stable" or "firm"
Plant The oak tree, represents resilience
Clan Tartans Anderson Modern, Anderson Ancient, Anderson Weathered
Clan Societies Organizations dedicated to preserving the history and traditions of the clan
Clan Chiefs The current chief is The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Carlisle, responsible for upholding the traditions and values of the clan


Origins of the Clan

The origins of Clan Anderson are somewhat obscure, but it is believed that the clan originated in the Scottish Lowlands. The name Anderson is derived from the Gaelic "Mac Ghille Andrais," which means "son of the servant of St. Andrew." St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, and the Andersons were likely originally associated with the Church.

By the 14th century, the Andersons had established themselves as a powerful clan in the Scottish Lowlands. They were based mainly in the counties of Angus and Fife, and their power and influence grew over time.

Notable Clan Members

One of the most notable members of Clan Anderson was Sir Edmund Anderson, who served as the Chief Justice of the Common Pleas during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Sir Edmund was a renowned legal scholar and played an important role in shaping English common law.

Another notable member of the clan was Alexander Anderson, who was a pioneer in the field of Scottish journalism. In the early 19th century, he founded the "Edinburgh Courant," which became one of Scotland's most influential newspapers.

Crest and Motto

The Clan Anderson crest features a silver oak tree on a green background. The oak tree symbolizes strength and endurance, while the green background represents the Scottish countryside.

The clan motto is "Stand Sure," which reflects the clan's commitment to perseverance and steadfastness in the face of adversity.


The Clan Anderson has several tartans associated with it, including the Anderson Ancient, Anderson Modern, and Anderson Weathered tartans. These tartans feature a variety of colors, including green, blue, red, and yellow.


Tartan Image
Anderson Modern Tartan Anderson Modern Tartan
Anderson Ancient Tartan Anderson Ancient Tartan
Anderson Weathered Tartan Anderson Weathered Tartan



Overall, the history of Clan Anderson is a rich and complex one, filled with tales of strength, perseverance, and innovation. From their origins in the Scottish Lowlands to their modern-day presence around the world, the Andersons have left an indelible mark on Scottish history and culture.