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The Bain Clan: A Rich Tapestry in Scottish History

Element Description
CREST An arm couped holding a dagger, Proper.
MOTTO Et marte et arte
TRANSLATION By art and commerce

Introduction to the Bain Clan in Scotland

The Bain Clan, a name deeply interwoven with Scottish history, carries a legacy that dates back to ancient Scotland. Known for their unique tartan and significant contributions to Scottish culture, the Bain Clan holds a proud position in the annals of Scottish clans.

Bain Clan Tartan: A Symbol of Heritage

Bain Clan Tartan

The Bain Clan tartan, with its distinctive pattern, represents the family's history and identity. Worn by clan members at Scottish cultural events, it symbolizes their unity and connection to their ancestral roots.

The Bain Clan Crest and Coat of Arms

The Bain Clan crest, featuring an arm couped holding a dagger, symbolizes readiness and bravery. The motto "Et marte et arte" (By art and commerce) reflects the clan's guiding principles and their contributions to Scottish society.

The Legacy of the Bain Clan in Scotland

The Bain Clan's history in Scotland is marked by their involvement in the nation's key events and their influence in various spheres. The clan's presence and activities in Scotland have shaped not only their own legacy but also the broader tapestry of Scottish history.


The Bain Clan, with its distinct tartan and crest, continues to be a symbol of Scottish heritage. Their motto and coat of arms are not just emblems of the past; they represent the ongoing legacy of the Bain Clan in Scottish culture and history.