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The Baird Clan: A Legacy of Valor and Nobility in Scotland

Baird Clan Crest and Coat of Arms

Element Description
CREST A gryphon's head erased, Proper.
MOTTO Dominus fecit
PLANT Unknown
GAELIC NAME Mac a'bhaird.
ORIGIN OF NAME Norman from De Barde

Introduction to the Baird Clan in Scotland

The Baird Clan, rooted in Scottish history, embodies a legacy of bravery and distinction. This article delves into the illustrious past of the Baird Clan, tracing their lineage and contributions to Scottish heritage.

Origins and Early History

The Baird Clan's story begins with a heroic act: saving King William the Lion from a wild boar. As a reward, the King granted extensive lands to his savior, marking the beginning of the Baird lineage. Richard Baird of Meikie and Little Kyp in Lanarkshire received a royal charter, solidifying the clan's status in Scottish history.

Expansion and Influence

Under King Robert the Bruce, the Barony of Cambusnethan was granted to a Robert Baird. This family spread from Banffshire to Auchmeddan in Aberdeenshire, intertwining with the Earl Marischal's family. The Bairds of Auchmeddan rose in prominence, holding significant roles like sheriffs of the county.

Notable Bairds and Military Achievements

One of the most distinguished members of the clan was General Sir David Baird, Bart., K.C.B., who had a notable military career. He joined the army in 1772, captured Seringapatam in 1799, and played a pivotal role in various international campaigns. His achievements are a testament to the clan's bravery and resilience.

The Baird Clan Crest and Tartan

Baird Clan Tartan

The Baird Clan crest, featuring a gryphon's head erased, symbolizes strength and vigilance. The clan motto, "Dominus fecit" (The Lord made), reflects their spiritual devotion. The Baird Clan tartan, with its distinctive pattern, is a proud emblem of their Scottish roots.

The Baird Clan Today

The Baird Clan continues to honour their rich history through the preservation of their cultural heritage. Clan gatherings, sporting the Baird tartan, celebrate their enduring legacy in Scotland.


The Baird Clan, with its deep roots in Scottish history, stands as a symbol of nobility and valour. From their heroic origins to their significant roles in Scottish society, the Baird Clan remains an integral part of Scotland's storied past.