The Bannerman Clan: Guardians of Scottish Heritage

Bannerman Clan Crest and Coat of Arms

Element Description
CREST A demi man in armour holding in the dexter hand a sword, Proper.
MOTTO Pro patria
TRANSLATION For my country
ORIGIN OF NAME Scottish, standard bearer

Introduction to the Bannerman Clan

The Bannerman Clan, with its origins deeply rooted in Scottish history, symbolizes a legacy of honor and duty. This article delves into the history, symbols, and contributions of the Bannerman Clan, a lineage known for its role as standard bearers in Scotland.

Historical Origins of the Bannerman Clan

The name "Bannerman" is derived from the Scottish term for a standard bearer, a role of great importance in medieval battles. This prestigious title underscores the clan's significant position within Scottish history.

The Bannerman Coat of Arms and Its Significance

The Bannerman coat of arms is a testament to the clan's historical role as bearers of the Scottish standard. The coat of arms is a proud emblem that has been passed down through generations, symbolizing the clan's enduring legacy.

Bannerman Clan Tartan: A Symbol of Identity

The Bannerman clan tartan, with its distinctive pattern and colors, represents the family's unique heritage and identity. Worn at Scottish cultural events, the tartan is a visual representation of the clan's unity and connection to their ancestral roots.

The Bannerman Clan Crest

The Bannerman Clan crest, depicting a demi man in armor holding a sword, symbolizes the bravery and martial prowess of the clan. The crest reflects the clan's historical role in Scotland's defense and their commitment to the nation's welfare.

The Clan Motto: "Pro Patria"

The Bannerman clan's motto, "Pro Patria" (For my country), embodies their dedication to Scotland. This motto reflects the clan's spirit of patriotism and their commitment to the nation's interests.


The Bannerman Clan, with its rich history, distinctive tartan, and symbolic crest, continues to be a significant part of Scottish heritage. Their motto, coat of arms, and enduring legacy are testaments to their historic role as standard bearers and guardians of Scotland's honor.