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The Beveridge Clan: Perseverance Woven into Scottish History

Beveridge Clan Crest and Coat of Arms

Element Description
CREST A demi beaver rising from a ducal coronet, Proper.
MOTTO Perseverando
TRANSLATION By persevering

Introduction to Clan Beveridge

The Beveridge Clan, a storied lineage within Scottish history, may not dominate the annals like some larger clans, yet their heritage is rich with perseverance and distinction. This article illuminates the history and enduring symbols of Clan Beveridge, along with the society dedicated to preserving its legacy.

Clan Beveridge Crest: Emblem of Diligence

The crest of Clan Beveridge, featuring a demi beaver emerging from a coronet, reflects the industrious nature associated with the clan. This symbol represents the Beveridge commitment to hard work and the noble virtues they embody.

The Resolute Motto of Clan Beveridge

"Perseverando," the profound motto of Clan Beveridge, translates to "By persevering," embodying the steadfast spirit of the clan. This guiding principle has been a beacon for the Beveridge family, reflecting their enduring resolve and resilience.

The Beveridge Clan Tartan: A Badge of Identity

The Beveridge Clan Tartan

The Beveridge clan tartan, distinguished by its unique pattern, is a hallmark of the clan's identity, steeped in Scottish tradition. Donning the clan tartan is a proud display of allegiance and a celebration of the Beveridge heritage.

The Presence of Clan Beveridge in Scotland

Clan Beveridge has made its mark on Scottish society through its historical roots and contemporary contributions. The clan's members continue to weave their narrative into the fabric of Scottish culture and heritage.

Clan Beveridge Society: Guardians of Tradition

The Clan Beveridge Society plays an integral role in upholding the clan's traditions, fostering camaraderie among its members, and ensuring that the Beveridge legacy is honored and remembered across the globe.


The Beveridge Clan stands as a testament to the virtues of hard work and perseverance in Scottish history. With a distinctive crest and tartan, the clan remains a symbol of Scottish pride and familial unity.