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The Bisset Clan: A Legacy of Endurance in Scottish Heraldry

Bisset Clan Crest and Coat of Arms

Element Description
CREST An oak trunk, Proper.
MOTTO Abscissa virescit
TRANSLATION Cut off, yet it blossoms

Introduction to the Bisset Clan

The Bisset Clan, woven into the fabric of Scottish history, represents a lineage marked by endurance and resilience. This article sheds light on the clan's historical symbols, the significance of their tartan, and the indomitable spirit they symbolize.

The Crest of Clan Bisset

The crest of the Bisset Clan, depicting an oak trunk, speaks to the ancient wisdom and continuous growth of the clan. As the oak stands firm and regrows despite being cut, so does the clan thrive and persist through the challenges of time.

The Motto: A Reflection of Vitality

The Bisset Clan's motto, "Abscissa virescit" (Cut off, yet it blossoms), proclaims the enduring vitality of the clan. It encapsulates the Bissets' ability to flourish even when circumstances seem dire, mirroring the robustness of the oak.

Clan Bisset Tartan: A Tapestry of Identity

Clan Bisset Tartan

The Bisset Clan tartan is an emblem of their storied heritage. The distinctive pattern serves as a badge of belonging, a celebration of identity, and a tribute to the clan's historical narrative.

The Bisset Clan in Scottish History

The Bissets have carved their path through Scottish history with the strength and steadiness of their namesake tree. Their presence has been felt in the cultural, social, and political landscapes of Scotland.


The Bisset Clan's story is a testament to the unyielding spirit of Scottish clans. With a crest that embodies resilience and a tartan that carries their legacy, the Bissets continue to inspire with their historical perseverance.