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The Blaine Clan: A Symbol of Balance in Scottish Heraldry

Blaine Clan Crest and Coat of Arms

Element Description
CREST The sword of Justice paleways, all Proper.
MOTTO Pax aut bellum
TRANSLATION Either peace or war
PLANT Unknown
GAELIC NAME A reduced form of MacBlain.

Introduction to Clan Blaine

The Blaine Clan, while perhaps not as widely known as some Scottish clans, bears a crest and motto that encapsulate the clan's historical readiness for both peace and war. This article delves into the emblems that represent Clan Blaine and explores the tartan that threads through their history.

The Blaine Clan Crest: Emblem of Justice

The crest of Clan Blaine, depicting the sword of Justice, stands as a powerful symbol of the clan's commitment to fairness and righteousness. The weapon, held paleways, indicates a readiness to uphold justice, highlighting the clan's principled legacy.

The Motto of Clan Blaine: A Statement of Preparedness

The Blaine motto, "Pax aut bellum" (Either peace or war), signifies the clan's preparedness for tranquility or battle. This motto reflects a balance, suggesting that the Blaine Clan values peace but will stand resolute in times of conflict.

The Blaine Tartan: A Weave of Identity

The Blaine Tartan The Blaine Tartans

The Blaine Tartan, with its distinctive pattern and colors, is a significant part of the clan's identity. Each thread in the tartan pattern carries the story of the Blaines, serving as a fabric emblem of their heritage.

The Blaine Coat of Arms: A Legacy Cast in Metal and Enamel

The Blaine coat of arms is a heraldic representation that has been carried through generations. It serves as a testament to the clan's historical narrative and the roles they've played in Scotland's past.

The Blaine Clan in Scottish Tradition

Though the full extent of the Blaine Clan's historical contributions may be less documented than other clans, the symbols they bear and the tartan they wear are evidence of their place within the rich tapestry of Scottish tradition.


The Blaine Clan's history, though shrouded in the mists of time, is reflected in the symbols they've adopted. With a crest signifying justice and a motto ready for peace or war, the Blaine Clan embodies a legacy of balance and readiness that resonates with the storied history of Scotland.