The Blair Clan: Keepers of Scottish Valor and Virtue

Blair Clan Crest and Coat of Arms

Element Description
CREST A stag lodged, Proper.
MOTTO Amo probos
TRANSLATION I love the virtuous
PLANT Unknown
ORIGIN OF NAME A cleared plain, and as this was often the ground selected for combats and battles, Blair came to signify a battle. The family are descended from William de Blair, 1205.


Introduction to the Blair Clan

The Blair Clan, an esteemed lineage within Scotland, is known for its rich history and the noble virtues it embodies. This article highlights the Blair Clan's distinctive tartan, their storied crest, and the society that honours their legacy.

Blair Clan Tartan: A Fabric of Tradition

Blair Clan Tartan Blair Clan Tartan Modern

The Blair Clan tartan is an emblem of the clan's identity, with patterns and colours that tell the story of their heritage. This tartan, along with the ancient Blair tartan, is worn with pride by clan members, signifying their connection to Scottish history.

The Crest of Clan Blair

The Blair Clan crest, featuring a stately stag lodged, symbolizes peace and harmony. It represents the clan's affinity with nature and their commitment to the stewardship of Scottish lands.

Motto and Virtue

The motto of the Blair Clan, "Amo probos" (I love the virtuous), reflects the moral principles that the clan upholds. It is a testament to their pursuit of integrity and their respect for honourable deeds.

Blair Clan in Scotland: A History of Valor

The Blair Clan has played a pivotal role in Scottish history. With origins that can be traced back to William de Blair in 1205, the clan's legacy is interwoven with the fabric of Scotland's past, including battles fought on the cleared plains known as 'blar' in Gaelic.

Clan Blair Society: Preserving Heritage

The Clan Blair Society is dedicated to preserving the history and traditions of the Blair Clan. It fosters a sense of community among members and ensures that the clan's culture is celebrated and passed down through generations.

The Ladies of Clan Blair

The women of Clan Blair, with their unique tartan skirts, carry forward the clan's traditions and values. Their attire is a testament to the clan's aesthetic heritage and the role of women in preserving clan culture.


The Blair Clan, with its virtuous motto, historic tartan, and peaceful crest, stands as a bastion of Scottish tradition. Their history, characterized by valour and virtue, continues to inspire members of Clan Blair across the world.