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The Borthwick Clan: A Pillar of Scottish Nobility

Borthwick Clan Crest and Coat of Arms

Element Description
CREST A moor's head couped Proper, wreathed about the temples with a torse argent and sable, the ribbons flotant.
MOTTO Qui conducit
TRANSLATION He who leads
PLANT Two roses and Fruit
ORIGIN OF NAME Local; from the lands of Borthwick on Borthwick Water in Selkirkshire.

Introduction to the Borthwick Clan

The Borthwick Clan, with its origins shrouded in the mists of Scotland's past, stands as a symbol of nobility and leadership. This article delves into the storied legacy of Clan Borthwick, from its ancient roots to the impressive fortifications that bear its name.

Borthwick Clan Tartan: A Visual Chronicle

Borthwick Clan Tartan

The Borthwick clan tartan, with its distinctive colors and patterns, is a fabric chronicle of the family's history. Worn with pride, it serves as a testament to the clan's enduring presence in Scotland and a symbol of their ancestral pride.

Clan Borthwick's Historical Roots

The Borthwick name is thought to originate from the lands of Borthwick Water in Roxburghshire. Tracing back to potentially resisting Caesar's legions, the Borthwicks' lineage is interwoven with the fabric of Scottish history, marked by their significant influence during the medieval era.

The Borthwick Clan Crest

The Borthwick clan crest, featuring a moor's head couped and wreathed, is an emblem of the clan's readiness to lead and their commitment to justice and nobility. It is a symbol that has been carried through battles, diplomacy, and the passage of time.

Stewards of Scottish Safety: The Borthwick's Role

The Borthwicks played a crucial role in the safety of Scotland's monarchs, exemplified by William, Lord Borthwick's guardianship over the infant James V at Stirling Castle, reflecting their central role in Scottish sovereignty.

Borthwick Castle: The Clan's Bastion

Borthwick Castle stands as one of Scotland's most impressive fortified dwellings, a testament to the clan's power and strategic acumen. It has been a silent witness to the clan's history, including Queen Mary's refuge and the civil war's sieges.

The Legal Legacy of the Borthwicks

David Borthwick of Lochhill, serving as the King's Advocate, may have been the first to bear the title "Lord Advocate," a legacy that underpins the clan's contributions to Scottish legal proceedings.

The Borthwick Clan Today

Today, the Borthwick clan continues to celebrate its heritage, guided by The Lord Borthwick of that Ilk, recognized as the chief of the clan. The Clan Borthwick Society and other branches of the family uphold the traditions and values that have defined their history.


The Borthwick Clan's history, represented by their crest, tartan, and the venerable Borthwick Castle, is a chronicle of Scotland's journey through the ages. Their motto, "Qui conducit" (He who leads), encapsulates their role as leaders in thought, battle, and peace.