The Brodie Clan: Guardians of Scottish Heritage and Tradition

Brodie Clan Crest and Coat of Arms

Element Description
CREST A dexter hand holding a sheaf of arrows, all Proper.
PLANT Periwinkle
ORIGIN OF NAME Local; from the lands of Brodie in Morayshire. The name signifies a precipice.

Introduction to the Brodie Clan

The Brodie Clan, with its origins from the lands of Brodie in Morayshire, is a lineage steeped in Scottish history. This article unveils the clan's past, exploring their coat of arms, tartan, and the enduring legacy they hold in Scotland.

Brodie Clan History: From Ancient Times to Modern Day

The Brodies, one of Scotland's most ancient families, may have roots stretching back to oppose Caesar's legions. Their history is marked by prominent figures, including Michael Brodie of Brodie, who received a charter from Robert the Bruce, and Alexander Brodie of Brodie, a fervent supporter of the reformed religion.

The Brodie Clan Crest and Coat of Arms

The Brodie clan crest, featuring a dexter hand holding a sheaf of arrows, symbolizes unity and strength. This emblem reflects the clan's readiness to defend their heritage and values.

The Brodie Clan Tartan: A Symbol of Identity

The Brodie Clan Tartan

The Brodie Clan tartan predominantly features red as its base color. This vibrant backdrop is accentuated with black lines that form bold criss-cross patterns, creating distinct squares. Adding to the design, thinner yellow lines run both horizontally and vertically, breaking up the strong red and black checks. This composition of red, black, and yellow creates a tartan that is not only striking but also carries a deep connection to the Brodie Clan's history and identity​​​​​​.

This tartan, with its bold colors and patterns, is a symbol of the Brodie Clan's heritage, reflecting their longstanding roots in Scotland. The design's simplicity and boldness make it one of the most recognizable tartans associated with a Scottish clan.

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The Brodie Clan Motto: A Guiding Principle

"Unite," the motto of the Brodie clan, encapsulates the spirit of collaboration and unity that has been a hallmark of the clan's history. It is a testament to their collective strength and enduring bonds.

The Brodie Clan in Scottish Society

The Brodies have made significant contributions to Scottish society, from politics to agriculture. Their presence and actions have helped shape the cultural, political, and social fabric of Scotland.

Preserving Brodie Clan Traditions and Heritage

The Brodie clan's traditions and heritage are carefully preserved through storytelling, cultural events, and the passing down of customs. These practices keep the clan's history alive for future generations.


The Brodie Clan, with its rich history, distinctive tartan, and proud motto, stands as a bastion of Scottish tradition. Their legacy, characterized by unity and resilience, continues to inspire members of the Brodie clan across the world.