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The Buchan Clan: A Legacy Etched in the Annals of Scottish History

Buchan Clan Crest and Coat of Arms

Element Description
CREST Out of a chapeau the sun shining on a sunflower, full-blown Proper.
MOTTO Non inferiora secutus
TRANSLATION Not having followed mean pursuits
PLANT Sunflower
ORIGIN OF NAME Local; from the district of Buchan in Aberdeenshire.

Introduction to the Buchan Clan

The Buchan Clan, originating from the district of Buchan in Aberdeenshire, stands as a testament to Scottish resilience and nobility. This article explores the clan's rich history, from its ancient roots to its influence on Scotland's cultural and political landscape.

Buchan Clan History: From Ancient Lords to Modern Times

The Buchans, a name derived from northeastern Aberdeenshire, have played a pivotal role in Scotland's history. Their lineage dates back to the times of Robert the Bruce, through to the Jacobite uprisings and beyond, showcasing a deep connection to Scotland's tumultuous past.

The Buchan Clan Crest and Coat of Arms

The Buchan Clan crest, featuring the sun shining on a sunflower, embodies the clan's enduring spirit and growth. The coat of arms, steeped in symbolism, reflects the clan's historical significance and their connection to the Scottish royal lineage.

The Buchan Clan Tartan: Threads of a Rich Heritage

The Buchan Clan Tartan

The Buchan Clan tartan, with its distinctive pattern, is a visual testament to the clan's identity and tradition. Worn proudly by clan members, it signifies their unity and shared history.

Buchan Clan Motto: A Guiding Principle

"Non inferiora secutus" (Not having followed mean pursuits) is the clan's motto, encapsulating the Buchans' commitment to honour and integrity. This motto has guided generations of Buchans in their endeavours, both in Scotland and abroad.

The Buchan Clan Society and Its Role

The Buchan Clan Society plays a crucial role in preserving the clan's heritage and traditions. It fosters a sense of community among its members and ensures that the rich history of the clan is celebrated and passed down through generations.

Notable Buchans in History

The Buchan Clan boasts several illustrious members, including Alexander Buchan, a pioneer in meteorology, and John Buchan, the renowned author of "The Thirty-nine Steps" and Governor General of Canada. Their achievements have contributed significantly to Scotland's global legacy.

The Buchan Clan in Modern Scotland

Today, the Buchan Clan continues to uphold its traditions and values, with the chief's seat at Auchmacoy House near Ellon. The clan remains a vibrant part of Scotland's diverse cultural tapestry, honouring its historical roots while looking towards the future.


The Buchan Clan, with its storied history, unique tartan, and noble crest, epitomizes the spirit of Scottish clans. Their legacy, enriched by their motto and the notable deeds of their members, continues to inspire pride and admiration within and beyond Scotland's borders.