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Gordon History, Family Crest & Coats of Arms

Coat of Arms Gordon Coat of Arms
Clan Crest Gordon Clan Crest
Crest Out of a crest coronet, a buck's head cabossed, Proper, attired Or
Motto Bydand
Translation Remaining
Plant Ivy
Gaelic Name Gordon
Origin of Name Place name: Berwickshire
War Cry A Gordon! A Gordon!
Pipe Music The Gordon's March

Clan Gordon: A Storied Legacy in Scottish History

Introduction to Clan Gordon

Embark on a journey through time with Clan Gordon, a venerable Scottish family whose history is intertwined with pivotal battles, noble alliances, and influential figures. From ancient Gaulish roots to a prominent role in Scottish affairs, Clan Gordon's legacy is a significant chapter in Scottish heritage.

Origins in Ancient Gaul

Tracing back to the Gorduni tribe in ancient Gaul, Clan Gordon adopted the ivy leaf as their emblem, a lasting symbol of their ancestral ties. This early connection laid the foundation for their storied history.

The Gordons' Arrival in Scotland

The Gordons' journey to Scotland began with their arrival from Normandy, accompanying William the Conqueror. Their relocation northward was marked by notable feats and martial prowess. Clan Gordon's history in Scotland is marked by their early establishment in the Borders and subsequent expansion into Aberdeenshire.

Role in Scottish Independence

Throughout the Wars of Independence, Clan Gordon stood alongside Scottish legends like William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Sir Adam Gordon, a distinguished clan member, played a crucial role as Bruce's ambassador, notably delivering the Declaration of Arbroath, a pivotal document in Scotland's fight for independence.

The Splendor of Huntly Castle

Huntly Castle, the Gordons' ancestral seat, reflects the clan's power and influence. It was a venue for grand events, embodying the clan's noble status. The castle's history is intertwined with notable marriages and political intrigue, contributing to the clan's prominence in Scottish society.

Clan Gordon's Ascension to Dukedom

The clan's rise to prominence was marked by the creation of the Duke of Gordon title, further cementing their noble status. Known as "The Cock of the North," the chiefs of Clan Gordon held significant sway in the region.

Contributions and Leadership

Clan Gordon's history is rich with notable leaders and significant contributions, particularly in military endeavours. Their involvement in raising regiments, including the Gordon Highlanders, showcases their enduring influence.

Trials and Triumphs

The clan faced challenges, including the succession issues following the death of the 5th Duke without an heir. Despite adversities, Clan Gordon's resilience ensured their lasting legacy.


Clan Gordon's history is a captivating tale of valour, loyalty, and influential alliances. From their roots in Gaul to their status as Dukes of Gordon, the clan's enduring legacy is a testament to their significant role in Scottish history.

Gordon Clan Tartans

Tartan Image
Gordon Blue Modern Gordon Blue Modern Tartan
Gordon Clan Ancient
Gordon Clan Ancient Tartan
Gordon Clan Modern
Gordon Clan Modern Tartan
Gordon Muted
Gordon Clan Muted Tartan
Gordon Weathered Gordon Clan Weathered Tartan
Gordon Dress Ancient Gordon Dress Ancient Tartan
Gordon Dress Modern
Gordon Dress Modern Tartan
Gordon New PolyCotton Gordon New PolyCotton
Gordon Old Ancient Gordon Old Ancient Tartan
Gordon Red Ancient Gordon Red Ancient Tartan
Gordon Red Modern Gordon Red Modern Tartan
Gordon Red Weathered Gordon Red Weathered Tartan

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