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MacBain History, Family Crest & Coats of Arms

Coat of Arms MacBain Coat of Arms
Clan Crest MacBain Clan Crest
Crest A grey demi cat-a-mountain salient, on its sinister foreleg a Highland targe Gules
Motto Touch not the cat bot a targe
Translation Touch not the cat without a targe (A Scottish shield)
Plant N/A
Gaelic Name N/A
Origin of Name N/A
Pipe Music N/A
War Cry N/A



The MacBain clan is an ancient Scottish clan with a rich history that spans centuries. While there are variations in the details of the clan crest and coat of arms associated with the MacBain name, here is a general overview of their historical symbolism:

Clan Crest: The MacBain clan crest typically features a grey demi cat-a-mountain salient. This fierce and noble creature represents strength, agility, and independence. It embodies the clan's courage and resilience in the face of adversity. On the sinister foreleg of the cat, a Highland targe (a Scottish shield) is often depicted. This signifies the clan's readiness to defend their heritage and protect their kin.

Coat of Arms: The MacBain coat of arms, like many Scottish coats of arms, incorporates various symbols and elements that hold significant meaning. While the specific details can vary, the following components are commonly associated with the MacBain coat of arms:

  1. Shield: The shield forms the central part of the coat of arms. It serves as the canvas for other elements and often displays specific colors and patterns associated with the clan's lineage.

  2. Helmet: The helmet positioned above the shield signifies nobility and martial prowess. The type and decoration of the helmet may vary depending on the specific version of the coat of arms.

  3. Mantling: Flowing from the helmet, the mantling is a decorative cloth that adds visual flair to the coat of arms. It typically incorporates clan colors or tartan patterns.

  4. Crest: The clan crest, featuring the demi cat-a-mountain salient, is positioned above the helmet. It serves as a prominent symbol of the clan's identity and values.

  5. Supporters: Some versions of the MacBain coat of arms may include supporters on either side of the shield. Supporters can be animals, mythical creatures, or human figures that represent loyalty and allegiance to the clan.

  6. Motto: The MacBain clan motto, "Touch not the cat bot a targe" (Touch not the cat without a shield), is often displayed on a scroll below the shield. This motto emphasizes the importance of being prepared and protected when facing challenges.

It's important to note that there can be variations in the depiction of the MacBain clan crest and coat of arms across different sources and historical records. These variations can arise from artistic interpretation, regional differences, or individual adaptations over time.

The clan crest and coat of arms play a significant role in preserving the heritage and identity of the MacBain clan, reminding its members and descendants of their proud Scottish lineage and the values held dear by their ancestors.

MacBain Tartans


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MacBain Modern Tartan MacBain Modern Tartan
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