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The Legacy of Clan Scott: Crest, Tartan, and History

Element Details
CREST A stag trippant, Proper, attired and unguled, Or.
PLANT Bilberry
GAELIC NAME Scot or Scotach
ORIGIN OF NAME National name
WAR CRY A Bellandean!

Introduction to Clan Scott

Clan Scott, a name deeply embedded in Scottish history, stands as a symbol of the nation's rich cultural heritage. From the rugged landscapes of the Borders to the halls of power in Scottish society, Clan Scott has played a pivotal role throughout history.

Scott Clan Family Tree and Historical Journey

The Scott family tree has roots tracing back to Uchtred "filius Scoti," living around 1130. Sir Richard "le Scot" of this lineage, lived through the Wars of Independence, dying in 1320. His legacy, along with notable figures like Sir Walter Scott, who received the barony of Kirkud in 1389 and fell at Homildon Hill in 1402, showcases the clan's integral role in Scottish history.

Clan Scott in Scotland: A Tale of Feuds and Loyalty

Throughout the 17th century and the Civil War, Clan Scott's involvement in key historical events is well-documented. Their support for the National Covenant and opposition to Charles I's religious policies are significant. Figures like Francis Scott, 2nd Earl of Buccleuch, who led cavalry against royalists at the Battle of Philiphaugh, highlight the clan's influence and resilience.

Clan Scott Tartan and Plaid: Symbols of Identity

scott clan tartanscott clan tartan 2

The Clan Scott tartan, with its distinctive colour scheme, is a key identifier for clan members. It symbolizes the clan's unity and shared history. The tartan and plaid, worn proudly by clan members, especially during gatherings, represent a deep connection to their Scottish roots.

The Scott Clan Crest: A Mark of Distinction

The Scott clan crest, featuring a stag trippant, attired and unguled in gold, is a powerful symbol of the clan's identity. It is often displayed at clan gatherings and is a source of pride for members.

Clan Scott Coat of Arms: A Symbol of Heritage

The Clan Scott coat of arms, embodying the clan's history and values, is a testament to their enduring legacy. It serves as a reminder of the clan's historical contributions and their steadfast spirit.

Clan Scott Kilt and Kilt Pin: Tradition in Dress

The Clan Scott kilt, embodying the clan's tartan, is a traditional garment worn by clan members. The kilt pin, often bearing the clan's crest, adds to the kilt's significance, representing the clan's heritage and identity.

Clan Scott Gathering: Celebrating Shared Heritage

Clan Scott gatherings are a time for members to come together, celebrate their shared heritage, and strengthen their bonds. These events often feature displays of the clan's tartan, crest, and coat of arms, reaffirming their collective identity.


Clan Scott's rich history, symbolized by their crest, tartan, and coat of arms, is a tale of resilience, loyalty, and enduring spirit. The clan's legacy, from its early beginnings to its influence in Scottish history, continues to be celebrated by its members around the world.