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Find Your Scottish Clan!
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Epona  Horses Bow Brooch - Sterling Silver

Epona Horses Bow Brooch - Sterling Silver

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This beautiful raised relief sterling silver design features 'Epona' from the Gaulish word for "horse", epos. Her name means "Divine Mare".

Horses were important to the Celts and were used for warfare, transportation, plowing, and traveling. Although she is most frequently portrayed as a goddess who protects horses and riders, there is evidence that in her original form among the Gauls, she was a Goddess of fertility and abundance, in essence a very typical Mother Goddess.

The sterling silver zoomorphic disk measures 13/16" (22mm) and the bow is 1" (25mm) wide. The pin back is a high quality bar assembly with safety catch. This design is available in a full match set of items. Order one piece or the whole set.

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