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Find Your Scottish Clan!
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Lovers Spiral Hearts Sgian Dubh, Scottish Dirk, Black Knife CD16

Lovers Spiral Hearts Sgian Dubh, Scottish Dirk, Black Knife CD16

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This beautiful raised relief high quality design is available in a full match set of items. Order one piece or the whole set. The Sgian Dubh measures 7-1/2” long by 1-3/8” wide with a stainless steel blade and nickel silver plated fittings. The Celtic disk is available in your choice of lead free pewter or sterling silver. The top has an imitation colored stone in your choice of yellow, blue or green.

A seemingly simple design with much complicated meaning buried within!
The Celts were noted for there use of threes. The center of this piece has a Triquetra or Trinity knot entwined in an interlocking with three, there are three hearts and the central spiral design has three arms. This central spiral design is referred to as a triskele,
All of these elements are united together within a circle, the pendant itself, an ancient and universal symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity, the goddess, and female power.
A wonderful love token!

The origin of 'Sgian Dubh'

The distant origins of the name Sgian Dubh (Gaelic for Black Knife) are thought to have emerged from this knife's dark appearance - the early handles were often made from dark bog wood and the blade would become dark through use and age.
A second theory is that it originated from the dark or sinister nature of an easily concealed weapon - which is why it has become traditional to keep the Sgian Dubh in open view in the top of the stocking whilst wearing Highland attire, usually the Kilt, to show that its wearer is amongst friends and has no ill intent.
The Sgian Dubh was not, is not and should not be considered a weapon !

Our company has been in the Scottish Clan crest business for over forty years. We are now making Clan jewelry for the children and grandchildren of our first customers.

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