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Find Your Scottish Clan!
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Trinity Thistle Brooch 14K Gold Scottish Emblem TD28B

Trinity Thistle Brooch 14K Gold Scottish Emblem TD28B

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Scotland's national emblem comes to life in this beautifully handcrafted 14K solid gold Trinity Thistle brooch. This traditional brooch features a bloom of three thistles inside a circle.
As with many Celtic/Scottish designs there are a myriad of meanings sent forth in the design.
Three has always been a mystical number for the Celtics as it is in much of the world. Meanings and interpretations abound; It originally was a multidimensional symbol for the changing of the seasons / life, death, rebirth (autumn, winter, spring) / maiden, mother, and crone / land, sea, air. Of course, the Christen meaning of The Holy Trinity. The number three was adapted from Celtic or Gaelic by Christianity to explain Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
The three thistles here are also united together within a circle. Again, a Celtic symbol of re birth and the cycles of the moon. The Celts honored the Great Mother, a lunar goddess who was actually three personifications in one (three lunar phases and faces of the goddess).

Meticulously handcrafted from fine 14K Solid Gold, this Trinity brooch measures 1-1/16" (28mm) in diameter.

This Trinity thistle is a great looking brooch from any angle.

This is sure to become a favorite piece in your jewelry collection.