Carmichael Clan Collection


  • Surname: Carmichael
  • Branch: Stewart
  • Origins: Scottish


The Carmichael clan has a rich history in Scotland, closely associated with the larger Stewart family. Below is an overview of their heritage and notable contri

Origins and Early History

The Carmichael family has deep roots in Scottish history, with their name derived from lands in the southern region of Scotland. The clan's history is intertwined with the Stewart family, known for their role as hereditary High Stewards of Scotland. The Carmichaels have traditionally been loyal supporters of the Stewarts, contributing to various historical events and battles.

Notable Branches and Events

Carmichael of Carmichael

  • Location: Lanarkshire
  • Significance: The principal branch of the clan
  • Historical Events:
    • Supported the Stewarts in various conflicts
    • Notable for their participation in the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314

Carmichael of Meadowflat

  • Location: Lanarkshire
  • Significance: A notable branch of the clan
  • Historical Events:
    • Known for their contributions to local governance and military efforts

Heraldic Details

  • Motto: Tout Jour Prest (Always Ready)
  • Arms: Argent, a fess wreathed Azure and Argent between three crosses pattée Gules
  • Crest: A dexter hand and arm in armor holding a broken spear Proper
  • Supporters: Two horses Argent, gorged with oak branches fructed Proper
  • Plant: Oak

Additional Resources

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